Sunday Message

We are pleased to be able to share God's Word in person and would love to have you join us here.

If you are unable to attend, we do have a facebook live link.   This way you can still hear the sermon and be part of the weekly Bible studies online.  If you aren't able to come and would like to be part of the Bible studies, please contact me at and I will share the zoom link so you can join in.

Prepare our hearts and minds as we listen to what God is leading Pastor Dominic to share with us. 

Service for 9/12/21

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Scripture Reading - 1 John 5

Sermon Title - God's Messengers 

Sermon Text - Matthew 28:1-10


Service for 9/5/21

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Scripture Reading - 1 John 4

Sermon Title - God is Always in Control 

Sermon Text - Matthew 27:57-66


Service for 8/29/21

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Scripture Reading - 1 John 3

Sermon Title - What's Your Answer?

Sermon Text - Matthew 27: 32-56


Service for 8/22/21

Scripture Reading - 1 John 2

Sermon - Our Merciful King

Sermon Text - Matthew 27:27-31


Service for 8/15/21 - if you are having difficulty hearing this correctly please go to our sermon section and click on that, you should be able to hear it.  Thank you for your patience.

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Scripture Reading - 1 John 1

Sermon Title - Don't Wash Your Hands

Sermon Text - Matthew 27:11-26


Service for 8/8/21

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Scripture Reading - Proverbs 31

Sermon Title - Worldly Sorrow 

Sermon Text - Matthew 27:1-10


Service for 8/1/21 

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Scripture Reading - Oriverbs 30 

Sermon Title - Godly Sorrow 

Sermon Text - Matthew 26:69-75


Service for 7/25/21

We are having some trouble wioth Facebook today, so the sermon will be recorded and posted (to our Facebook) later today. Sorry if this causes an inconvience. Have a wonderful day!


Scripture Reading - Proverbs 29 

Sermon Title - Trial by Liars

Sermon Text - Matthew 26:57-68


Service for 7/18/21

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Scripture Reading - Proverbs 23

Sermon Title - Stay Grounded 

Sermon Text - Matthew 26:47-56


Service for 7/11/21

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Scripture Reading - Proverbs 27

Sermon Title - His Sorrow... Our Joy

Sermon Text - Matthew 26:36-46


Service for 7/4/12

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Scripture Reading - Proverbs 26

Sermon Title - One Nation Under God 

Sermon Text - Micah 6:3-8


Service for 6/27/21

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Scripture - Proverbs 25

Sermon Title - Never Say Never

Sermon Text - Matthew 26:31-35


You should be able to click on the above link to bring up the sermon.

If it doesn't bring you right to it, you would copy the above link and paste it in your search bar, it should bring it up.

We can all do some self studies at home so we can stay in God's Word.

Take care of yourselves,  stay healthy.

God bless you all

Stay safe.  God bless you and your families. 


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